No nozares repozitorija "SciRePrints: Science and Religion Dialogue Prints of University of Latvia" importēto ierakstu kolekcija. Welcome to SciRePrints, an electronic self-archive repository created with the aim to facilitate communication between the fields of science and religion. We call for archiving articles that advocate the need for dialogue between science and religion or are written in any area pertinent to such a dialogue. We accept both theological articles that explore the issues of science, are written from scientific viewpoint or use scientific argumentation, and scientific articles that make religious conclusions or contain religious implications. Notably, scientific articles not accepted for publishing in other sources due to religious or .mystical. presuppositions are welcome here . provided that they comply with the academic standards and use scholarly methods and language. Moreover, since scientific critique or naturalistic explanations of religion also are a part of the dialogue between science and religion, we invite not only papers favourable to religion but also critical to it.

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