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    • Fragile Correctness of Social Network Analysis 

      Opmanis, Mārtiņš (2016-11-07)
      Graph techniques are widely used in social network analysis. However, there are some disputable applications where results are obtained from the graphs using paths longer than one and are not simply applicable to objects ...
    • How to draw combinatorial maps? 

      Zeps, Dainis; Ķikusts, Paulis (2013-01-31)
      In this article we consider the combinatorial map (rendered by permutations) approach to graphs on surfaces and how between both could be establish some terminological uniformity in favor of combinatorial maps in the way ...
    • On building 4-critical plane and projective plane multiwheels from odd wheels 

      Zeps, Dainis (2013-01-31)
      We build unbounded classes of plane and projective plane multiwheels that are 4-critical that are received summing odd wheels as edge sums modulo two. These classes can be considered as ascending from a single common graph ...

      Zeps, Dainis (2013-04-23)
      Taking the programming paradigm with the cycle invariant as a base notion there for a ground cycle paradigm, in a more general setting here these things are considered. Epistemological aspects with reference to Rene Descartes ...
    • On Grinbergs' differential geometry and finite fields 

      Zeps, Dainis (2019-03-27)
      Emanuels Grinbergs, in his youth, during ten years, from 1933 until 1943, wrote three dissertations on one subject, namely, differential geometry [1, 2, 3]. We think that his work in this direction has been neglected for ...
    • Pikseļu formas jautājumi rastra attēlu reprezentācijai un apstrādei 

      Freivalds, Kārlis; Ķikusts, Paulis (2013-01-23)
    • Root cause analysis of large scale application testing results 

      Opmanis, Rūdolfs; Ķikusts, Paulis; Opmanis, Mārtiņš (2015-08-24)
      In this paper we present a new root cause analysis algorithm for discovering the most likely causes of the differences found in testing results of two versions of the same software. The problematic points in test and ...
    • A systematic review of SQL-on-Hadoop by using compact data formats 

      Plase, Daiga (2016-10-30)
      There are huge volumes of raw data generated every day. The question is how to store these data in order to provide faster data access. The research direction in Big Data projects using Hadoop Technology, MapReduce kind ...
    • Testing 4-critical plane and projective plane multiwheels using Mathematica 

      Zeps, Dainis (2015-10-27)
      In this article we explore 4-critical graphs using Mathematica. We generate graph patterns according [1, D. Zeps. On building 4-critical plane and projective plane multiwheels from odd wheels, arXiv:1202.4862v1]. Using ...
    • Using 2-colorings in the theory of uniquely Hamiltonian graphs 

      Zeps, Dainis; (2019-02)
      We use the concept of 2-coloring in analyzing UH3 graphs and building exact specifications of functions to find new UH3 graphs by Hamiltonian cycle edge extractions